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SportAZ Playback: Edition 5

Ready for edition 5? Here's what we're loving right now!

✉️ Newsletter

Behind Sport's '3-2-1'. Two years after they launched during the early pandemic days, Behind Sport released an awesome new newsletter feature called 3-2-1 which essentially covers off: 3 brilliant insights, 2 interesting thoughts and 1 thought-provoking quote.

📄 Article / Whitepaper

A message from Jake Daniels. What a week for football equality. As we charge ahead with making the game a more inclusive and accepting sport, I think we were all overwhelmed to witness Jake's bravery as he announced he was living a free life as a gay man. The more we see it and it hear it, the more others will feel they too can play the game. Thank you Jake. On behalf of all of us.

🏀 Game / Match

The French Open: Roland Garros. Qualifying has started but the real fun starts on May 22nd. We can't wait to see how the competition goes in preparation for Wimbledon 2022.

🎙 Podcast

Rugby Union Weekly: Bonus Pod Steve Hansen. Released a few months ago, this insightful (and often hilarious) podcast is great for leaders and future leaders whether you're involved in sport or not. Steve's quick wit and no bull approach to management is inspiring. I loved his thoughts on how we can better grow and commercialise the game too. If only someone would listen...

🎬 Documentary / Movie

Chasing Great: Richie McCaw. In light of the fast approaching Women's Rugby World Cup in NZ, we thought we'd take a look back at the men's greatest ever moment in history. Their back-to-back, record-breaking double RWC win in 2015. Led by none other than the great himself, Richie McCaw.

📖 Book

Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women's Sport. I have FINALLY got round to reading this incredible book from the wonderful Sue Anstiss. Vital for both men and women to read to truly understand where women's sport has come from and how much further we've got to push for equality. Clear, concise, informative. A must read. Oh and the paperback version is out June 23rd!

🤝 Social channel

Uninterrupted is an athlete empowerment brand founded by Lebron James and Maverick Carter that works to empower athletes to build their personal brands beyond the sport they play. Their social media channels feature brilliant content from amazing athletes who are promoting themselves, their causes and/or their side businesses. Some incredible content that only King James himself could get.

🧢 Wear

Ruggette Rugby Shorts. After watching No Woman No Try I was inspired on all sorts of levels, including Stef Evans and her desire to create the first female-designed rugby training gear. The designs are slick, not overly feminine (in the best way) and prices are accessible. There is no reason for not creating female-led kits now!

💰 Sponsorship

TikTok x UEFA Euro 2022. We already know TikTok is going after the women's sport agenda (THANK YOU!) so it wasn't necessarily a surprise to see them become the official Entertainment Platform of the UEFA Euro 2022. But what I love about this particular sponsorship is that its focus is on building and uniting a community around the competition. Love that purpose for them and us.

💁‍♀️ Brand move

Naomi Osaka launches EVOLVE agency. Talk about Girl Power. Naomi takes her career into her own hands by launching talent management agency, EVOLVE. Moving on from IMG and taking her manager with her, EVOLVE will not only enable Naomi to follow her own authentic ventures but will support other athletes too. We can't wait to see it roll out.

#️⃣ Fact / stat

A new segment for Playback because the statistics, facts and records being broken this year are out of this world and therefore, worth celebrating. This week we're celebrating the incredible Vitality FA Cup Final attendance at Wembley, a record 49,094 as well as viewership records of 2.25 million on the BBC! Women's sport is here and it's going no where.

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