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50 years of Nike

Happy Birthday Nike! What an achievement. 50 years young. How have you achieved so much??

To celebrate your big milestone, we've pulled out your top 5 'firsts', made all those years ago:

1971: The first Nike logo

Named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike was officially launched in 1971 alongside the now famous Swoosh logo. Designed by Carolyn Davidson for a fee of $35, the Swoosh wasn't originally liked by Phil Knight. Can you imagine if he'd vetoed it!

1972: The first [official] Nike product. The Moon Shoe

Whilst Nike had launched the 'Tiger' shoe via Blue Ribbon Shoes, the first official Nike branded shoe was launched in 1972.

1972: The first professional Nike sponsorship. Ilie Theodoriu Năstase

The first ever athlete sponsorship was the world number one tennis player, Ilie Theodoriu Năstase from Romania.

1977: The first Women's focused Nike product. The Lady Waffle shoe

Taking the original Nike Waffle shoe and re-shaping it for a narrower foot, Nike launches the first ever made-for-woman running shoe, supporting the newly allowed women runners.

1977: The first Nike advert(s). There's No Finish Line / There's Nothing More Powerful Than A Shoe's Who's Time Has Come

We've put two in here because there is no official date to tell which came first and the latter was to celebrate the first shoe for the women's foot so it's pretty special that this aligned with the first time Nike advertised too. These adverts featured on the back of Runner's magazines.

We wish you the happiest 50th year and beyond, Nike.

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