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SportAZ Playback: Edition 2

Updated: May 18, 2022

Another week, another Playback. Here's what we're loving right now:

✉️ Newsletter

Fearless Women’s Changing the Game. Perhaps I am being bias but it seems fitting I highlight this incredible newsletter and network the week they give me a shoutout! Join the Women's Sport Collective to be part of an empowering group of women in sport. Not a woman? Be our ally. We need all of them we can get!

📄 Article / Whitepaper

Nielsen’s “Sports Fans are Changing the Game”. A fantastic and insightful deep dive into how fan engagement, loyalty and consumer habits have changed since the pandemic began and how digital attendance challenged live sport forever. This whitepaper also uncovers how the sponsorship model has had to shift and just how much power athletes have in the brand and sponsorship space.

🏉 Game / Match

The Red Roses kick off the Six Nations this weekend as they play Scotland at DAM Health Stadium. The BBC is covering all 57 games of the tournament with this game kicking off at 12pm Saturday.

🎙 Podcast

Unofficial Partner, Sponsorship Strategy Masterclass. I loved this from a total ego POV. For the last two years or so, I have been the thorn in a lot of people’s side. Why? Because I back in 2020 I predicted that sport sponsorship would change forever. It was becoming more purpose-led, values (not so much value) based and more targetted. Fast forward to today and we have unbundled collateral, more strategic partnerships and a hugely changing landscape. This podcast talks all about it and makes me very pleased, if not somewhat frustrated that I wasn’t more confident in my convictions #impostersyndrome

🎬 Documentary / Movie

Senna (available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV+). If you haven’t seen Senna yet then I urge you too, especially those who got into the sport because of Drive to Survive. Senna is raw, authentic, emotional, educational, confronting and goosebump-inducing.

📖 Book

Athletes Are Brands Too: How Brand Marketing Can Save Today's Athlete. I have been fascinated with athlete branding for a while now and this book gives an incredible level of detail into just how lucrative and powerful it can be. Whilst not a new concept by any means, it has been a difficult thing for athletes to do without smart teams behind them. Now a business in itself, athletes are ensuring their contracts don’t restrict their external business opportunities and we can see a less play related business emerging.

🤝 Social channel

Rebecca Sowden's LinkedIn. If you’ve been following me on LinkedIn over the last 18 months, you’ll have probably noticed the back-and-forth between Bex and me. An avid women’s sport advocate and marketing specialist, Bex provides brilliant insight, facts, stats, analysis and predictions around the women’s sporting industry with specific focus on marketing and sponsorship. A great person to follow to get your up-to-date info.

🧢 Wear

Angel City jersey. You'll (hopefully) have read my article on ACFC and seen why I love their jersey so much and therefore why it’s my wear for this week. If not, take a read specifically at points seven and eight. I’ve got an Ali Riley on the way, who will you get?

💰 Sponsorship

Google Chrome x McLaren. Google Chrome have become the latest brand to enter the F1 game as they partner with McLaren. We're already loving how they're activating this one with an iconic takeover of McLaren’s tyres. I love when a brand is integrated with the livery, not just a logo slapped on. It’s got a lot more coverage because of its creativity that’s for sure.

💁‍♀️ Brand move

To celebrate the American launch of new sports drama series, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, HBO, CSM and Project Backboard teamed up with California artist David Flores brought Lakers sparkle back into the Inglewood community. Together, they refurbished a court in Rogers Park and a community based event with celebrity trainers and competitions.

The court is a stunning celebration of the 90’s Lakers heritage.

Image from CSM

Thoughts, comments, opinions below!

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