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SportAZ Playback: Edition 1

Updated: May 18, 2022

Introducing SportAZ Playback where we bring you our recommended list of things to watch, read, listen and review. We welcome recommendations, personal lists and contributions so please comment below, drop us an email or chat to us on our social channels.

✉️ Newsletter

iSport Connect. A really helpful round up of the day's sporting news, covering business, brand, highlights, careers, fun facts and whitepapers. Sign up here.

📄Article / Whitepaper

PwC's Sports Outlook 2022 . Specifically love the NFTs Playbook which confirms my thinking around Web3 and NFTs; that they enhance but don't replace live sport.

🏎Game / Match

It's lights out for the 2022-23 Formula 1 season. Catch the race Sunday, March 20 at 3pm. Practice starts March 18, 12pm.


The Game Changers latest episode with Kelly Lindsey on Recognising Sport's Power to Change Lives (my favourite topic!)

🎬Documentary / Movie

Playbook, Netflix. So much of me wanted to write Drive to Survive but I can't bring myself to (see latest article). So let's go for the Netflix series Playbook, specifically the Doc Rivers episode. Loved it. Felt inspired beyond words, especially his application of African proverb Ubuntu.

📖 Book

All to Play For by Matt Rogen. I read this a while ago but continue to refer back to it, especially Matt's predictions for how the industry will transform in the coming years. Many of which we are already starting to see emerge.

🤝 Social channel

Front Office Sports - all channels (Twitter linked here). The shear amount of content this team produces is incredible, across geographies, sports, sectors and topics. Follow them now and sign up to their newsletter too (not an ad, total fangirl only)

🧢 Wear

Vintage NBA tees. I'm loving watching the NBA at the moment. Being in NZ, it's on at much more sociable hours compared to the UK (anyone got tips for UK watching without reading spoilers first?). I've loved it so much that I'm starting to buy merch again and hunting for specific seasons (only from the two teams I actually support - Hornets and Warriors - please don't buy for fashion only!). Mitchell & Ness is a great site to check out.


The [English] Football Association and Barclays continue their partnership in getting more girls to play football with the launch of #LETGiRLSPLAY Biggest Ever Football Session where over 90,000 girls across England, got involved in one day!

💁‍♀️ Brand move

Nike has (of course) led the way when it comes to being a purpose-led brand. Each year they release their yearly impact report that boldly outlines how they have lived up to their purpose. This year's FY21 NIKE, Inc. Impact Report has a huge focus on climate change, check out the launch movie here and sign up for their webinar "50 Years of Moving the World Forward Through Sport" here. It's easy for a brand to have a purpose but it's very hard for a brand to be purpose-led without making significant changes. Nike shows us how.

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