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Dear Metaverse, love sport*

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

*disclaimer, we of course are not 'sport' this is just a quirky way to get a point across

Dear Metaverse.

We’re excited to have you along on our journey as we take sport into the new era. Sport has been part of human’s existence for centuries and we count on it to make us feel good, strong, healthy and most importantly, connected. We’re always open to new ways to help more people fall in love with us or to love us deeper so we welcome you with open arms. However, we have seven conditions to our partnership if we are to succeed:

  1. We’re still in charge. You must be an extension to us and not a replacement.

  2. We see you most vital in serving those not able to reach the physical such as fans who can’t make a live game or those who cannot afford to play in some of the more expensive versions / teams / leagues / competitions.

  3. We expect you to bring the virtual to the physical. Like Pokemon Go brought to life the once make-believe Pokemon, we think there are some great opportunities to add exciting layers, theatrics, the imagination and to make make-belief, a fun, physical reality.

  4. You must provide ways to offset your challenging environmental impact. The Metaverse is here to make the world better and that includes being a friend to our environment and prevent global warming. We know Bitcoin has failed this so far. It’s up to you to make the change.

  5. You must not destroy what makes traditional sport great. We have seen it slightly with the introduction of VAR in football - technology can hurt us as much as it helps us. Please don’t take away the authenticity of what we are.

  6. You must aid inclusivity for participants and athletes. Open up doors, help sport to be representative of all people, be accessible and welcoming. But don’t threaten athletes privacy or mental health.

  7. Our partnership must inspire and aid physical play rather than replace it. We cannot go backwards in our fight for fitter, healthier humans or improving our grassroots opportunities. Be like Wii, not like Fortnite.

We hope you agree with our conditions and we look forward to forging a new era.

Love and kindness always,


P.S - now that we’re in agreement, I’ll give you some ideas on how we can move forward with this partnership!

Part two coming soon!

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